L.W. (Lynn) Perkins

L.W. (Lynn) Perkins

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First Name * L.W.
Last Name * (Lynn) Perkins
Username * LWPerkins
Country * USA
City Downers Grove
Nationality American
Languages English


Current Position Illustrator, 2d web content creator
Areas of Expertise illustration
Preferred Tools PainterPhotoshopacrylicspen-and inkPoserand Brycesolid knowledge of Poser content creation and texturingsome advertising copy writing experience. Also a working knowlege of basic astronomy and science principles for astronomical illustrations.


Availability: Freelance
Website www.perkinspixels.net


I'm a traditional illustrator, cg hobbyist and Photoshop addict...with a sideline in astronomical art (I am a IAAA member as well). Most of my natural media paintings are done in acrylics, which I sell to collectors at SF conventions and by word of mouth. I specialize in "soft" science fiction,fantasy, character portraits, and astronomical landscapes. I have done numerous book covers and some low-budget DVD covers that I enjoyed very much (including Hard Rock Zombies). I also like Lovecraft and Mummy-type horror (not slasher) and anything Victorian.


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